WelCome to Share-A-Lot, a charitable effort to
help benefit those less fortunate in Sussex County, Delaware.

Share-A-Lot is a charitable effort that was formed to help benefit those less fortunate in Sussex County, Delaware. The program reaches out to local developers by asking them to donate a portion of finished lot sales proceeds to the program. The funds are to be used for scholarships, food programs, elderly care, the homeless, environmental causes, etc. The distribution will be based upon the direction of the volunteer board that also manages the funds. Times are tough, but this is more reason for us to give back to the Sussex County community, which has been very good to us.

Some Important Details:

  • Share-A-Lot is a 501(c)3 charitable organization and, as such, all donations are 100% tax deductible
  • 100% of donated funds will be earmarked for approved/designated charities
  • All legal work will be done by a professional legal firm at a highly discounted rate
  • All accounting and financial reporting will be done by a professional firm pro-bono
  • All marketing and public relations will be done by a professional firm pro-bono
  • All administrative support will be handled by volunteers
  • The board will be made up of volunteers from the development and private communities (suggestions are greatly appreciated!)
How It Works:
As a certain number of finished lots are sold and settled within a community, the developer will make a payment to the Share-A-Lot fund.
The breakdown is as follows:
  • Sites with 1-20 Lots (these are exempt from the program)
  • Sites with 21-50 Lots- Contribution of $10,000 at sale of final lot in community
  • Sites with 51-100 Lots- Contribution of $25,000 at sale of last lot
  • Current Sites will start the lot calculation at the date of acceptance to the Share-A-Lot program

Reasons To Participate:

• Donations are only made as you reach substantial sales milestones within your communities
• Contributions are 100% tax deductible
• You’ll be doing something great for people in need within your community
• You’ll get regular and positive PR from the program. We will make sure participants are recognized and that Share-A-Lots donations are publicized
• Your participation will reflect positively with the members of the Sussex Planning and Zoning group and the Sussex County Council

Participating Developments:
The Cove At Sandy Landing - 24 Lots
Marsh Farm Estates
- 134 Lots
Marsh Island - 152 Lots
Love Creek Landing - 213 Lots
Waters Run - 56 Lots


Jodi Leigh
The Leigh Agency

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Michael Daniels
Meris Properties, LLC,

Start Up Contribution

Founder: Michael Daniels

Share-A-Lot was founded by Michael Daniels. Mr. Daniels is an active Sussex County developer with over 500 units in various stages of the development process. All of Mr. Daniels’ properties will participate in the Share-A-Lot program, with projected contributions for current properties of $110,000. The start up donation of $2500 was given by Mr. Daniels to cover any fees that incur that are not given in kind. Mr. Daniels is currently involved in various volunteer boards and community activities, including:
  • President and Founder of Share-A-Lot, Sussex County, DE
  • A Delivery Volunteer for Meals on Wheels, Germantown MD for 4 years
  • Vice President of the Board of MOW, Germantown, MD
  • President of the Board, Bay Forest Condominium Association, Sussex County, DE
  • President of the Board, Parents Club Association (overseeing 13 active committees) at Georgetown Preparatory School, Bethesda, MD
  • Member of the Delaware Home Builders Association
Please call for more information:
Michael Daniels    -    301.928.6519 -    msd921@aol.com